Friday, July 08, 2005

something about a self-fulfilling prophecy?

did i actually guess it right?

not that this is indicative of government policy or the state department's wishes or anything like that, but there ya go:

last night on Fox News, as summarized by NewsHounds.

Reckless Response to London: Bomb Syria

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger gave one of the more reckless responses to the London bombings Thursday (July 7, 2005) when he proposed that the U.S. bomb or invade Syria and possibly Iran in retaliation.

Appearing on "The Big Story" with John Gibson, Eagleburger admitted what he was going to say would not be popular and then said the U.S. should "move against those who are housing terorists."
"This is war and I don't understand why it's not proper to go after those who mother the terrorists," Eagleburger said, pointing to Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

In a (for him) astute question, Gibson asked what should be done if the terrorists were "home-grown" in Great Britain. Eagleburger responded that that was less likely, but if so, that would have to be dealt with. Whatever that means. Rather than be specific about what could be the case, Eagleburger found it much more satisfying to just go bomb somebody, anybody.

"If we have to do some discreet bombing in Syria" or "go across the border" to areas where terrorists are being allowed to stay, Eagleburger said, the U.S. should do it so that Syria gets the message that things will get worse if the terrorist situation doesn't get better.

At the time Eagleburger spoke, a group calling itself Al Qaeda in Europe was claiming responsibility for the bombings. Nothing had been mentioned about Syria, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia. Eagleburger foresaw no bad consequences such as retaliatory bombings on troops in Iraq or on civilians in the U.S. or elsewhere, the creation of thousands of more terrorist wanna-bes, or the stiffening of Syria's resolve (as we claim is happening now in Great Britain) -- only the giant U.S. military imposing its will on a weaker country.

As the U.S. should have learned by now, that's not always the way it turns out.


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